11 News employees walk Donor Dash 5K in honor of Dustin Cuzick

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DENVER (KKTV) - Trading dress shoes for sneakers, a throng of past and present KKTV employees walked the Donor Dash 5K Sunday in honor of Dustin Cuzick.

Cuzick, 36, passed away on July 11 following a years-long battle with kidney failure. Cuzick sat at the top of a transplant list for more than two years but died before receiving that life-saving organ.

The Donor Dash, now in its 20th year, aims to raise awareness of the need for tissue and organ donations and honor those who have donated. Knowing first-hand what was at stake for people waiting on a new organ, Cuzick was a passionate advocate for organ donation. Clad in blue t-shirts with Cuzick's face, his work family joined Cuzick's parents and siblings to walk those 3.1 miles to honor his legacy.

As Cuzick once told 11 News anchor Rebekah Hoeger, becoming an organ donor is easier than many people realize.

"It doesn't require a lot of effort," Cuzick said. "It's a huge thing. It's a huge gift, but as far as checking that box on your license, it doesn't require a lot of effort, and it will literally change the lives of countless people."

To learn more about organ donation, click here.

View the video above to see more from Sunday's Donor Dash.