11 Call for Action team helps save couple from losing hundreds to scam

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) -- One Colorado Springs couple nearly lost hundreds of dollars to a scam. Thankfully, they reached out to our 11 Call for Action team at the last minute for help.

Couple nearly gave scammers hundreds in gift cards.

"It feels like you've been invaded. It's just an invasion of privacy and just it hurts to think you gave into them," said Carol, who only wants to use her first name. "But they’re very, very persuasive and it’s hard when they’re threatening you with all kinds of things to not go along with it and say, ‘OK, I’ll go ahead and pay this.’"

Carol and her husband nearly gave scammers $250 in gift cards. It started with a call a while back from someone claiming to be a computer expert.

“About a year ago, we had a phone call and my husband answered it and he said he was from Windows and there was something wrong with his computer," Carol explained to 11 News reporter Katie Pelton. "We’d been having some trouble, so he thought that there was something. So they offered to go in and clean it up and stuff. So he let them.”

The couple gave the caller remote access to their computer and paid them 200 bucks. Since then, their phone keeps ringing. The scammers are threatening to take control of their computer if they don't fork over more money. On Monday, Carol's husband finally gave in.

"They just got him totally flustered so he did let them into the computer. Then they wanted money and wanted it in gift cards. So he did go get the gift cards and was going to send it, and then we decided, 'No, that was not good,'" Carol said.

That's when Carol picked up the phone and called our 11 Call for Action team. Pelton explained we've covered scams like this before. For example, in July, one man paid scammers thousands in gift cards to fix his printer.

“The bells and whistles were going off and I knew about your Call for Action team and watched it for years," Carol told Pelton. "I thought I’m going to call them and see if they’ve had this same experience with other people and find out if you could help us any. And you did, which I was very grateful. I felt like I was on the right path then to go ahead and just not send the money and not go through with this.”

The couple's computer is getting fixed now by a legitimate company. They also reached out to their bank to shut down their accounts in case any personal information was taken when they gave access to the crooks.

Remember, don't give anyone remote access to your computer if you don't know who they are. Plus, it's a big red flag when someone asks you to pay for anything with gift cards.

The 11 Call for Action team is here to protect you from becoming a victim to sneaky scams like this one. If you want to tell us about a scam, you can reach our 11 Call for Action team at 719-457-8211. Click here for the CFA website with more information.