11 Call for Action Investigation: Colorado sex offenders unaccounted for

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - More than 1,000 sex offenders in Colorado have fallen through the cracks.

Reporter Jessica Leicht did a public records request to find out how many sex offenders are unaccounted for in our area. Some, local police may not even know about.

Most of us know we can go online and search for sex offenders living in our neighborhoods. You can Click here to search through the CBI. But this information may not always be reliable.

It's something we hear about all the time. Sex offenders who fall through the cracks, failing to register. Just last week, Monument police say an unregistered sex offender tried to kidnap a woman at a grocery store and tried to stab her husband.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office says it's hard to track offenders coming to Colorado from out of state if they don't register here.

"If you've got a law abiding citizen that's a registered sex offender in another state, they could come here and we would not even be aware they are an offender," Jacqueline Kirby, a spokesperson for the sheriff's office, explained. "Because it's up to them to register with the law enforcement jurisdiction where they reside."

And even among the offenders they know about, the CBI says many of them are failing to register. Right now there are records of more than 1,100 offenders in Colorado who haven't registered.

About 5 percent of sex offenders in Pueblo County aren't registered.

The sheriff's office sends out letters to non-compliant offenders and tries to reach them on the phone. When that doesn't work, they issue arrest warrants.