11 Call for Action: Charges filed after 2 dogs found dead

PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) - WARNING: The above video contains images that some people might find upsetting.

The owner of several dogs in Pueblo is facing animal cruelty charges. Two of the dogs were found dead by a neighbor this past weekend. That neighbor's daughter is upset, claiming they tried for years to help the dogs but nothing was done.

11 News sat down with the neighbor and spoke with the Humane Society.

It was a disturbing sight what Angela Taylor's mom saw in her neighbor's yard, on the east side of pueblo, Sunday morning. The lifeless bodies of two dogs, two dogs her family had tried desperately to save for more than two years.

"I mean we called and we did what we could," Angela Taylor told 11 News. "But it's like if I just took the time to come over here and call every single solitary day, you don't have water, it's like I feel like we failed."

Angela says they called animal services constantly, complaining that the dogs didn't have food, water or adequate shelter. The humane society confirms they had responded to the home a number of times over the last couple of years.

"There have been various issues complained about at that property," Lt. Lindsey Vigna with Pueblo Animal Law Enforcement said. "It wasn't necessarily all neglect concerns."

"Now they've come and removed the dogs," Angela said about the humane society. "But why did it have to come to two dead dogs to get to that point?"

A question 11 News asked pueblo animal control.

"Pets in the state of Colorado are considered property," Lt. Vigna said.
"So there is a certain way that we have to handle these investigations."

Lt. Vigna says in addition to the two dead dogs, animal control removed four living dogs from the property as well.

"I think it's important for the public to continue to call us because it's very powerful in the court system when we are filing charges to show that history," Lt. Vigna added.

The dog owner is facing six counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty and potential jail time.

"You have to say something, the dogs can't speak, so somebody's got to say something for them."

The dog's owner can file an appeal to try to get the surviving dogs back.
For now, they're being held at the humane society.