2 in custody after body is found in garage

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) UPDATE (10/6): The second suspect in this case, Craig Brown, has been booked into the El Paso County Jail.

From left: Craig Brown, J.Timothy Brown (Courtesy: Colorado Springs Police Department)

UPDATE (10/5):Timothy Brown, 51, is now behind bars at the El Paso County Jail. As of Wednesday evening he was being held there on a $2,000 bond.

Police are still searching for a second suspect, Craig Brown, 34, in connection with a body left in a garage last month.

11 News was the first to report a police investigation after the body was found on September 25.

Among other charges, the men are facing charges of abusing a corpse and first-degree criminal trespass.

Arrest papers obtained by 11 News said Timothy used to work at the El Paso County Coroner's Office. The papers also said Timothy is Craig's uncle.

Court records show that both men have felony convictions on their record.

When 11 News spoke to the now suspect, Craig, last week, he explained why he and his funeral business partner, Timothy decided to store a body in a detached garage of a vacant home.

"We picked up the body and intended to take it directly to the crematory. However we picked it up, not fully prepared simply because we hadn't received any payment yet," said Craig.

According to records with the Department of Regulatory Agencies, the two men filed for a license in July for their company named Acumen Funeral and Cremation Services.

The two men were reportedly shown on camera picking up a body from the El Paso County Coroner's Office using a rented U-Haul van last month.

"Being that we hadn't received any type of payment and had a hard time due to the condition of the body, we had a hard time storing it," Craig said.

The two men allegedly stored the body inside of a garage in Colorado Springs on North Cascade when a neighbor smelled what they thought was rotting meat and called police.

Officers said they found a body decomposing in a body bag under a piece of carpet inside the detached garage.

Arrest papers said the vacant home at one point belonged to Timothy's grandmother, but was in the process of foreclosure.

Last week Craig told 11 News crews that the company was doing their best to work things out with police.

As of Wednesday night police were still searching for Craig.
PREVIOUS (9/28): Neighbors smelled what they thought was "rotting meat" coming from a detached garage. When police showed up they found a body in a body bag.

In an 11 Call for Action Investigation, 11 News found out a funeral and cremation company put the body there.

The company told 11 News they were supposed to cremate the remains but since they had not been paid for the service, they stored the body in a garage of a vacant home they had access to.

Craig Brown said he’s the co-owner of a new company, Acumen Funeral and Cremation Services.

One of the company's first calls was for a body in Conejos County that was given to El Paso County for an autopsy.

Brown said the original county had not paid them by the time the El Paso County coroner was done with the autopsy.

“El Paso County, I can’t hold them responsible for anything, they simply wanted their space, they asked that we pick up the body,” said Brown.

He said last week the company decided to store the body in the garage of a vacant home they had access to while they figured out a better solution.

“Being that we hadn't received any type of payment and had a hard time due to the condition of the body, we had a hard time storing it,” said Brown.

According to a search warrant executed this weekend, neighbors started to smell the body and called police.

The body was found inside a body bag, decomposing under a piece of carpet in the garage.

“We didn't realize [police] had been there, but once we contacted them a detective called us back and we're doing our best to work this out with them,” said Brown.

Detectives with Colorado Springs Police Department told 11 News they're trying to figure out if any crime occurred. CSPD said they can't tell us much about the case because they say it's an active investigation.

Detective Joseph Somosky said the case will be brought to the district attorney’s office once the investigation is complete.

11 News called the coroner for Conejos County several times on Wednesday but have not received a call back.

We also were not able to find a business license for the Acumen company under their name on the secretary of state’s website.