11 CALL FOR ACTION UPDATE: Springs roofing company ordered to pay back customers

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - The owners of Colorado Springs roofing company Quality Roofing will have to pay their victims back thousands of dollars, or they will face penalties.

Josh and Christina Noel both pleaded guilty Monday to theft charges for taking their customers' money and not doing the work.

The Noels either have to pay up or they will be put on probation for several years. Prosecutors tell 11 News investigator Katie Pelton the main goal is to get the money back to the victims.

"I've been given the runaround. Nothing but excuses, excuses turn into lies, and then more lies to cover up the previous lies," said customer Louise Allen.

"It just seems to me that they took everybody's money and they took off with it," said Jose De la Cruz, another spurned customer.

The Noels have to pay $25,000 by March. If they do, their sentence will be deferred, meaning their records could be cleared. Otherwise, they will get four years of supervised probation and they will be convicted felon.

The two were arrested following an 11 Call For Action investigation by retired investigator Betty Sexton. At the time, Josh Noel said he blamed the company's troubles on his son, who he says wasn't ready to handle the responsibilities, among other things.

Customers are hopeful they will at long last get the money back.