Unsolved: Finding Dylan Redwine's Killer

Published: Nov. 17, 2015 at 11:47 AM MST
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The last time Elaine Hall saw her 13-year-old son, she was putting him on a plane for a visit with his father.

"I dropped Dylan off at the airport and he was getting on a plane, and I said, 'Come on you’re not that big give your mom a hug,'" Hall said.

It was November of 2012, and Dylan Redwine was headed for a court-ordered visit with his father, Mark Redwine, near Durango.

Mark Redwine said he left Dylan home alone while he went out to run errands for four hours. When he returned, he said his son was gone.

"We don't know where Dylan's at," said Mark Redwine at the time. " My ex-wife and I agree Dylan is not the kind of kid who would run away, but I also think there is a possibility that Dylan was torn between his parents."

Seven months later, parts of Dylan’s remains were found along a rural road not far from his father’s home.

"I didn’t feel any better after we found Dylan," said Hall. "I felt angrier, I think. After being there I think it made it worse because I felt so violated for him, I felt so sad for him."

Dylan’s death has since been ruled a homicide. Last summer, Dylan’s dad was named a person of interest in the case. I spoke with Mark Redwine on the phone. He denied any wrongdoing and said Dylan was his best friend.

Still, no formal suspect has been named, and Elaine Hall is pleading with police and prosecutors to keep moving forward. If anyone out there can bring forth new information, Elaine hopes it could be the break they need.

If you or anyone you know can help investigators about Dylan Redwine's disappearance call the Durango or La Plata County Crime Stoppers (970) 247-1112.

If you or anyone you know can help investigators about Dylan Redwine's disappearance, call the Durango or La Plata County Crime Stoppers at 970-247-1112.



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