Would You Like To Intern For KKTV 11 News?


The KKTV Internship Program is designed to provide interns with a real-life learning experience within a professional workplace.

From time to time, KKTV may provide internship opportunities to students who are interested in learning about the broadcast, media, sports/entertainment and billboard advertising industries first-hand.  Internships are for a specified time period, and are not ongoing or open-ended.  The internship period will not exceed the intern's school-term (e.e., quarter, semester), without reapplication and approval. Interns are not employees of KKTV and are not entitled to a job with KKTV at the end of their internship experience.

The internship experience is provided for the intern's benefit, not for the benefit of KKTV.

Interns are not employees, and it is required that specific practices and procedures be followed to ensure that our relationship with interns remains distinct from that which exists with employees.

Interns are not paid for their time or activities performed while participating in an internship, and agree that they have no expectation of being paid for their services or time.  Interns are required to sign an Unpaid Intern Agreement acknowledging the foregoing policy as a condition of their internship.

If you're interested in becoming an intern, please submit your answers to the questions below. The information will be sent to KKTV's intern organizers. They'll contact you at the phone number or email you provided to continue this process.

Thank you for your interest.

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