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Charges filed after dogs die
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WATCH: Woman finds out her home is listed for rent
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WATCH: El Paso County school districts
WATCH: El Paso County has highest number of school districts
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VIDEO: Local roofer facing lawsuit
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Colorado Springs woman upset about long response time from CSPD
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Call For Action team stops scam
New twist on grandparent scam hits southern Colorado
WATCH: Repairs made to school after fires
WATCH: Man loses thousands of dollars in scam
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VIDEO: Several Denny's shut down leaving hundreds without jobs
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Call for Action: Denny's payroll issues reported
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VIDEO: Man loses money to scammers
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VIDEO: Crooks break into post office boxes
VIDEO: What to do after the wind damage
Too good to be true gift is legit
VIDEO: Myster donor gives to multiple organizations

We have a team of 11 Call for Action volunteers who help mediate when consumers have issues with a company or business. Call for Action is an international, nonprofit network of consumer hotlines that was founded in 1963. Our volunteers come from all different backgrounds in our community, including retired military, police and more.

We are always looking for volunteers who are passionate about helping others. If you’re interested in joining our 11 Call for Action team, call us at 719-457-8211. Click here to learn more about the Call For Action organization.

Featured Content

Call for Action Alert: Most Americans put personal data at risk Updated: 02/07/2019 Ninety percent of Americans are guilty of putting their personal data at risk. There are several steps you can take to protect your personal information. Katie Pelton explains what you should do right away to protect yourself in this 11 Call for Action Alert.

Call for Action investigates lead levels in school water Updated: 09/26/2018 The 11 Call for Action team is looking into the drinking water at our local schools. We started asking questions after a recent report that schools in Detroit had to shut off drinking fountains because the water tested so high for lead.

Woman finds own home on Craigslist for rent Updated: 05/16/2018 A woman finds out that someone is using images of her own property to get renters online, even asking for hundreds of dollars in rent and a deposit, when it's not for rent.

Local roofer facing lawsuit Updated: 11/14/2017 A local roofer is facing a lawsuit and he's talking with 11 Call for Action about how he's trying to catch up on work throughout our community.

Call for Action: Extra property tax money isn't helping Pioneer Village subdivision's road woes Updated: 08/24/2017 If you've ever driven just west of Pikes Peak International Raceway, you'll notice the pavement, turns to dust. Roughly 100 families live in the Pioneer Village subdivision, on 16 miles of unpaved roads. "We go through cars like there's no, like it's not even funny. We've had 4 cars. The roads tear them up. We're constantly bleeding money,” homeowner Michelle Van Leet said.

IRS Scam heats up in southern Colorado Updated: 06/15/2017 If your phone has been targeted by scammers, you're not alone. This week our 11 Call for Action office has heard from scores of people, who have all been told the Internal Revenue Service, IRS is after them. It is not. Crooks are calling, impersonating the agency, trying to score big bucks.

Big change for Letter Rip 2017 Updated: 04/27/2017 On Saturday, May 6th, you'll have a chance to get your old records destroyed for free. It’s the annual event known as Letter Rip. This year there are some big changes to the program.

11 Call for Action: Mom denied utility emissions study Updated: 04/27/2017 A new environmental report has been ordered for the Martin Drake Power Plant in downtown Colorado Springs. The EPA is requiring the report to see if the city is in compliance with the new sulfur dioxide emissions standards.

Cashier check from mystery donor: gift or too good to be true? Updated: 04/27/2017 Our 11 Call for Action team is good at sniffing out scams, warning you about the latest schemes that crooks cook up to steal your cash. That’s why we were intrigued when we were asked to look into an "anonymous gift" that came with a hefty cashier's check and an unusual request.

Dozens arrested for IRS scam calls Updated: 10/28/2016 There is a breakthrough in the search for the scammers responsible for the fake IRS scam calls that have been received across the country.

Letter Rip a Huge Success Updated: 05/03/2016 An incredible turn out today in downtown Colorado Springs for Letter Rip. The event, aimed at helping you safely shred your old financial papers, saw nearly a thousand cars. And, the weather didn't keep folks away.

Your Trash, Their Treasure Updated: 05/03/2016 Every weekday in Colorado Springs, thieves can go hunting, finding thousands of targets parked and waiting to be snatched.

Call For Action Investigation: Progress On IRS Scam Updated: 05/03/2016 We've been telling you about this massive scam for a few years now. I was frustrated along with you and wanted to know exactly what was being done to stop it. So I traveled all the way to Washington, D.C. to talk to the man in charge of the investigation.

Delays Continue With State Income Tax Refunds Updated: 04/19/2016 Tuesday is the deadline to turn in both your federal and state returns, unless you're filing extensions. But, as we've been reporting, if you're expecting a state tax refund, there could be big delays.

Colorado Income Tax Refund Check Delay Updated: 03/09/2016 A lot of you have been watching and waiting for your state income tax refunds. We learned you may have to keep waiting--for up to two months longer than normal.

New FTC Email Scam Updated: 03/08/2016 A new email scam is making the rounds. This one uses the name of the Federal Trade Commission and even knows your entire Social Security number.

Phone Scam Targets Residents Impacted By Landslides Updated: 02/25/2016 We've been warning you about a flurry of scam phone calls from crooks, who claim to be with the IRS. Now there's a new scheme targeting families whose homes are affected by landslides in Colorado Springs.

Tracking Down Origin of 911 Calls Updated: 02/08/2016 A bizarre mystery surrounding cell phone calls made to 911 has now been solved. A Colorado Springs couple was frustrated by police officers who insisted the hang up calls were coming from their home. They say no one would help them figure it out until they dialed 11 Call for Action. What you may not know about your cell phone.