Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum

Our mission is to preserve, restore, and display military aircraft, airbase support equipment, vehicles and artifacts that are historically representative of America's finest hours. To help educate teachers, school age learners and the public and to promote tourism.

31001 Magnuson Ave., Pueblo, CO

The PUEBLO WEISBROD AIRCRAFT MUSEUM is located at the Pueblo Municipal Airport Phone: (719) 948-9219

SAVING AIR HISTORY: This is the motto of the Pueblo Historical Aircraft Society, which manages the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum for the City of Pueblo. Located on Magnuson Avenue just south of the Pueblo Airport, the museum houses more than a dozen aircraft dating to World War II and Korea, including the huge B-29, "Peachy" in Hangar 1. In Hangar 2 are fourteen more aircraft of later years. Outside are three additional planes.

Starting in 1972, then Pueblo City manager Fred Weisbrod began collecting vintage airplanes at the municipal airport, on the grounds of the former WW II Pueblo Army Air Base. In time, more aircraft were added, attracting the attention of vandals and scavengers. In 1985 a group of military veterans formed the Pueblo Historical Aircraft Society for the purpose of raising funds to protect and restore these aircraft. PHAS now cares for the planes and operates the museum under a management agreement with the city.

Weather was not kind to the planes as they sat on the ground, hindering attempts to properly restore them. With income derived from membership dues, grants, and city and county allocations, a hangar was constructed in 2001, large enough for half the aircraft collection. The old museum space was converted to a theater, library and offices. Four years later a new gift-shop was added, and in 2010 a second hangar is was built.

The aircraft museum is not only about planes! Since its founding, PHAS has received thousands of artifacts from those who wanted to aid us in our efforts to preserve military air history. We have thus become the repository of items from individuals or families of loved ones who served in the U.S. military from WW I to the present. Over one-hundred display cases and exhibits display the uniforms, personal gear, weapons and other artifacts from all branches of the U. S. military and those of our allies and enemies.

Of particular interest is the collection of women's uniforms from all branches of service in WW II, and the uniform and memorabilia of Carl Sitter, one of Pueblo's four Medal of Honor recipients. Also noteworthy is a full-scale replica of a Bleriot bi-plane, the first motorized aircraft to cross the English Channel in 1909.

Our library, which is open to the public, houses over six thousand volumes of military writings, and fifteen hundred military videos. The videos include most of the German propaganda newsreel films from 1939 to 1945.