Kylie Milusnic


Kylie's career started out with just eight people and now hundreds of students have gone through the program and the school has even added a fully functional permanent broadcasting studio. After trying her hand at a few different colleges, she decided to make the leap and move to Hollywood to follow her dreams! She was a 21-year-old girl with no credits or connections, but she worked tirelessly to gain as many connections as she could and eventually became a production assistant. She worked on several major commercials before becoming a full-fledged television producer on shows such as “Win, Pace, Show” and “America Says.”

Kylie decided to take it to the next level and executive produce and direct a short-form series called “Broken.” She campaigned for Emmy nominations for three long months and eventually pulled in two Primetime Emmy nominations. Kylie is now a proud voting member of the Television Academy.

After eight years in Los Angles, Kylie decided to make the move back to her home state of Colorado and join the KKTV team as a news producer. She now lives in Colorado Springs with her partner and two dogs, enjoys tending to her many house plants and making art!