Mayor-elect Yemi Mobolade gets ‘stamp of approval’ from city as Colorado Springs certifies election results

Yemi Mobolade will be the 42nd mayor of Colorado Springs.
Published: May. 26, 2023 at 3:19 PM MDT
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - The Colorado Springs mayoral run-off election has officially been certified.

Yemi Mobolade will be the 42nd mayor of Colorado Springs.

City administration sat down Friday morning to clarify voter turnout and sign printed results.

“The certification just really puts that stamp of approval on this whole electoral college process,” Mayor-Elect of Colorado Springs, Yemi Mobolade, said.

KKTV was the only local media there when the election was certified.

The clerk’s office has been checking all the ballots since election day.

“And now we are done- everything has been counted that was countable,” Sarah Johnson, City Clerk, said. “And it is time to canvas or certify the election, which is what we did with the mayor.”

The city clerk told 11 News the city saw more people vote during the run-off election than the initial election on April 4th. She says with only two candidates; decision-making was easier. While there were many ballots to count, voter turnout was still less than forty percent.

The transfer of power from current Mayor Suthers to Yemi Mobolade will now begin.

11 News spoke with Colorado Spring’s upcoming mayor, who said the transfer process has already been happening for weeks.

“I’ve been having a weekly meeting with the current mayor,” Mobolade said. “I’ve met with multiple city directors. I’ve actually started the transition plan with many of the city directors. I had a meeting with about 20 team members yesterday.”

“You’re happy that it’s concluded and that we have a mayor that’s it was a smooth transition into power unlike what you sometimes see across the world,” Johnson said.

Mobolade will be sworn in on Tuesday, June 6th, at the Pioneers Museum. All are welcome to attend. 11 News will stream the event on our website.

“I am looking forward to just getting started on this job,” Mobolade said. “And starting to get to work on behalf of our residents.”