Good boy! One of Colorado Springs’ K-9 crimefighters nabs wanted fugitive

One of Colorado Springs’ goodest boys took down a violent fugitive!
Published: Mar. 15, 2023 at 10:49 AM MDT
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - One of Colorado Springs’ goodest boys took down a violent fugitive!

Detectives with the District of Colorado Violent Offender Task Force cornered an armed felony suspect at Jet Wing Drive and Warthog Heights Tuesday afternoon. When he saw he was surrounded by law enforcement, he made one last-gasp attempt at staying out of custody.

“Upon contact, the subject ran from detectives for approximately 300 yards, through a construction area and commercial property, towards residences to the east. Detectives gave numerous commands for the subject to stop running but he refused to stop,” police said.

Enter K-9 Milo!

Milo and his handler, Officer Comstock, arrived at the scene just as the suspect was sprinting towards a fence.

“Officer Comstock noticed that the subject was going to be able to get over a privacy fence and into the yard of a residence before detectives would be able to stop him. Officer Comstock gave several warnings for the subject to stop or a canine would be released. The subject continued to flee towards the privacy fence, ignoring officer’s commands,” police said.

As promised, Milo went after him, nabbing him just before he jumped the fence.

“Milo took the subject to the ground, thus preventing a violent fugitive from escaping into a residential area,” police said.

Thanks to Milo, no citizens or officers were injured during the chase -- and a suspect who had eluded officers since last fall was arrested!

The suspect has not been identified at the time of this writing.