Vote now: Check your mailbox for Colorado Springs mail-in ballots

The next mayor of the city will be decided during this election.
Published: Mar. 10, 2023 at 6:15 PM MST
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - The city clerk mailed out ballots for the April election in Colorado Springs, Friday.

The next mayor of the city will be decided during this election.

Sarah Johnson, the city clerk, said the one thing she wants everyone to know is that it is easy to cast your ballot.

“It is really simple to register to vote,” Johnson said. “The most important thing is just to vote. And know that this is an all mail ballot election.”

The envelope will come with the title ‘Official Ballot Enclosed.’

Included inside, you will find a list of 12 candidates for mayor, 11 for at large city council seats, along with a section to vote on extending the current taxation for trails and open spaces.

You can mail it in or drop it off at one of the 26 ballot boxes throughout the city. Your ballot has to be mailed back by March 28th in order to be counted.

The city clerk says with 25 candidates between the race for mayor and city council, voters will have their pick.

You will also have the chance to vote for mayor, and 3 at-large city council seats.

And whether you are a new, part, or full-time resident, Colorado Springs makes it easy for you to have a voice.

Colorado Springs’ city clerk, Sarah Johnson, encourages you to speak up on the future of the city.

“Do your research,” Johnson said. “Really like I said there’s 25 total candidates, they are all very qualified and passionate about running and the reasons they are running. On the city clerk’s website, we have a list of all those candidates and if you click on the name, you’ll be able to see their contact, their phone number, emails, websites.”

If you miss the deadline to mail in your ballot. You have until 7 in the evening on election night, April 4th to drop your ballot off in one of the ballot drop-off boxes.

To update your address, apply for an absentee ballot, or any general questions click here.

You can also click here for a full list of the candidates.