Man witnessed people tackle car theft suspect in Colorado Springs after crash

Police say the suspect is a 31-year-old man with a criminal history involving vehicles.
Published: Feb. 9, 2023 at 6:34 PM MST
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - On the southeast side of Colorado Springs, community members jumped into action after a crash on Hutchinson Drive and East Fountain Boulevard.

The incident all began in the early afternoon hours on Thursday when someone left their car stalling or puffing on Circle Drive. The suspect saw this as an opportunity to drive off with the vehicle. The vehicle’s owner chased after the car on foot and that’s when police say the suspect hit another vehicle.

Police say the suspect is a 31-year-old man with a criminal history involving vehicles.

The suspect was also wanted for multiple warrants, including motor vehicle theft charges and five counts of reckless driving and possible assault.

After hitting one car, he reportedly kept driving and rear ended a second car.

Police tell us the suspect then starts doing donuts in a parking lot and hit a light pole. He then hit a third vehicle- the one up on the sidewalk.

The suspect then tried to run from the scene but some people in the area saw what was happening and caught the suspect. They held him until police got there.

One witness, who saw it all go down, says he heard all the screams after the crash.

“Not this block but the next block, there was a crew of workmen working,” witness Melvin Quinlan said. “And all I heard was a bunch of screams and everything and then I guess that’s when he ran and collapsed. And they were picking him up and carrying him down this way and over here. They stopped about where those mailboxes are over there and that’s the last, I know.”

The suspect is in police custody and no was injured in any of the crashes.

Earlier the lanes on Fountain were closed as they investigated. All lanes of traffic are now back open.