Power outage safety guidance as parts of Colorado brace for damaging wind

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Published: Dec. 1, 2022 at 6:43 PM MST|Updated: Dec. 1, 2022 at 6:47 PM MST
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Multiple schools were cancelling classes for Friday as parts of Colorado braced for damaging wind forecasted Thursday night into Friday morning.

Colorado Springs Utilities has a resource page with guidance when it comes to windstorm and power outage safety. Click here for all the information they share. One of the most important pieces of advice for the public, stay at least 35 feet away from power lines and anything lines are touching.

“Do not touch any lines, assume all lines are live and move away from the area immediately,” part of the resource page reads. “In case of an emergency situation, dial 911. “Do not use ovens, stoves or camping stoves for heat to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning”

Mountain View Electric Association recommends getting ready for outages.

“Prepare an outage kit that contains a battery-powered radio, fresh batteries, a flashlight, candles, matches, a wind-up clock, bottled water, paper plates, and plastic utensils,” part of a resource page on Mountain View Electric’s website reads. “Keep a stock of canned food in your cupboard along with a manual can opener. Consider buying a camp stove and fuel that you can use (outdoors only) if you can’t cook on your electric stove.”

Many utility companies have “outage maps” where you can track outages and estimated restoration times.

Click here for the Colorado Springs Utilities outage map.

Click here for the Mountain View Electric Association map.

Click here for the Black Hill Energy outage map.


Electric and natural gas service

-Customers should report downed power lines by calling 719-448-4800. Stay away from power lines.

-Report and track electric outages using our online outage map.

-Do not use ovens, stoves or camping stoves for heat to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

-Since the December 2021 windstorm, we’ve seen a higher incidence of electric generator usage. Customers should follow manufacturer instructions to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning and electrocution hazards for themselves and our electric crews.

-In the case of snow, clear snow and ice from your natural gas meter to keep it running efficiently. Gently brush the snow off with your hands, broom or brush. Don’t kick it or hit it with a shovel, as this could damage the meter.

-After a storm, customers who are served by overhead electric lines must check their home’s mast for damage. Should an outage occur, the mast must be in working order before we can safely restore power to your home.

Electric service restoration reminders

-In the event of larger-scale power outages, we prioritize restoration based on impacts to critical infrastructure and public safety.

-We also prioritize based on total number of customers impacted. For example, if damage is identified that affects 100 customers, we will fix that before we make repairs to another area impacting two customers.

-If an area has extensive tree damage and limited access, there will sometimes be delays before our crews can safely repair damaged equipment. This approach is to keep both customers and our crews safe.

Downed trees

-For NON-emergency assistance with downed trees, Colorado Springs residents should use the GoCOS! web page (coloradosprings.gov/gocos) or mobile app (App Store link) (Play Store link).

-To report a downed street tree in the public right of way in El Paso County, visit https://citizenconnect.elpasoco.com or call (719) 520-6460.

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