Time is running out to get that perfect Christmas tree

Strong demand for Christmas trees in Colorado Springs
Published: Dec. 1, 2022 at 9:43 AM MST
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - If you’re still in the market for a Christmas tree, you might want to act fast to find the size and price you want.

“Demand is strong, it’s not the best year we’ve ever seen, but there are a lot of people out looking for Christmas trees,” said Levi Heidrich, one of the owners at Heidrich’s Colorado Tree Farm Nursery.

Heidrich said in the last 8 years, the demand for cut Christmas trees has gone through the roof.

“The number of trees we sell annually goes up every year. I mean even this year, we’re going to sell a few more trees than we did last year. It’s just going to take a few more days to do it,” said Heidrich and predicts they’ll sell out of their supply of trees within the next 5-7 days.

However, it’s a product that takes years to grow, so matching that demand creates a few supply issues.

“Inventory supply issues are something I think the industry is going to face for a while. There’s just not enough trees being grown for the demand,” explained Heidrich.

Although high demand usually means a price increase, Heidrich said they haven’t had to raise their prices much.

“I can tell you our biggest number one selling tree, an 8-foot Fraser fir, less than 5% this year. That’s like a $5 or $6 increase. We did everything we could to try and keep the prices down, but like everything in the world, it’s gone up a little bit, but it’s not as extravagant as some of the things we’ve heard,” explained Heidrich. “Just be a little more open-minded about the size you are looking for because there are some restrictions. Certain sixes just weren’t available. There were more 8-foot than 9-foot, more 9-foot than 10-foot,  a lot more 12-14 trees than there was last year. So, just be a lot more open-minded when you come out on the size you’re looking for, there are some shortages on sizes, but there’s a tree for everybody.”