“I tried to save people and it didn’t work for five,” says man who police say took down alleged Club Q shooter

Rich Fierro is being praised for stopping alleged gunman
Published: Nov. 21, 2022 at 11:02 PM MST
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Police have identified Rich Fierro as one of the club goers who stopped the alleged Club Q shooter.

Fierro says his family went to Club Q Saturday night to see one of his daughters friends perform. His wife, daughter and her boyfriend, as well as family friends were all at the Club the night of the shooting.

Fierro says it started as a normal night out and the atmosphere at the bar was very welcoming, but things quickly changed when the alleged shooter began firing. Fierro tell us his group was spread throughout the bar when the shots ran out and that he fell down in the chaos.

He says he was quickly able to get up and locked eyes on the shooter, telling us he knew he had to do something.

“I wasn’t thinking I just ran over there got him. I gotta kill this guy he’s gonna kill my kid, he’s gonna kill my wife, he ended up killing my daughters boyfriend,” Fierro.

Among the five victims killed was Raymond Green Vance who is the boyfriend of Fierro’s daughter.

Fierro says he grabbed the suspect by the collar and threw him to ground, pinning him there.

“And then I started wailing on this dude and I’m on top of him. I’m a big guy and this guy was bigger,” Fierro.

This is when another club goer jumped in and helped push the guns away from the suspect. Fierro says it was another man who police have identified as Thomas James. James has not commented publicly.

Fierro says he and James hit the suspect with one of his own guns and repeatably kicked him in the head. He went on to say a Club Q performer came by and they asked for help.

“I told her kick this guy kick this guy, and she took her high heel and stuffed it in his face,” Fierro.

The two men reportedly held the suspect down until police arrived. Fierro tells us he was still hitting the suspect with one of the weapons when police entered. He says he was handcuffed and put in the back of a police vehicle while authorities began their investigation. Fierro says he had no problem with this and understood he may have been mistaken for the shooter or an accomplice when authorities first arrived.

Authorities have praised his actions multiple times since the shooting, many calling him a hero.

But Fierro says he is not a hero and credits his military background for his quick actions. He says he did four tours, three in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, and worked at Fort Carson for a time.

Fierro says his family needs time to heal physically and mentally after the shooting. He tells us his daughter broke her knee during it.

Fierro says he will never forget the five victims who lost their lives Saturday night at Club Q, “I wish I could have done more okay? But those people aren’t home tonight- I am and I’m really upset by that that’s not something I’m proud of,” Fierro.