Boebert Declares Victory in House Dist. 3 Race, Frisch Concedes

This combo image shows Democratic candidate for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District Adam...
This combo image shows Democratic candidate for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District Adam Frisch, left, and U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., right. Frisch and Boebert are running for Colorado’s U.S. House seat in District 3. (AP Photo, File)(AP)
Published: Nov. 18, 2022 at 8:36 PM MST
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COLORADO, (KKTV) - Republican incumbent Lauren Boebert has declared victory in one of the closest elections in Colorado history. Her opponent, Adam Frisch has conceded the race. Boebert currently leads the race by 554 votes, which is more than the total votes yet to be counted.

In an interview this morning she told 11 News “I have declared victory as of last night and looking at these numbers, it’s mathematically impossible for them to change when the one or two counties come in that we are still waiting on, so it’s really an honor to have been reelected.”

She begins her second term as part of the 118th US congress in January where her party will now have the majority.

“On January 3 it will no longer be Pelosi’s house, but it will return to being the People’s house.”

The election has not yet been certified and was close enough to trigger a mandatory recount, but both candidates said today that they don’t believe this will change the results.

“When there’s a very close race like this in Colorado, We have an automatic recount, but that is not going to affect the actual outcome.”

Democrat challenger Adam Frisch thanked voters in his concession speech today.

“Only a quarter of our district is registered democrats. Yet we were able to move the needle, and show that the country is listening and understanding makes a difference.”

He did not say definitively that he would enter another political race, but he did appear to leave the door open.

“This election may be decided, but my advocacy for western and southern Colorado will continue across the country and will never end.”