Wrestler Wyatt Hendrickson leaving legacy at Air Force Academy

Published: Nov. 14, 2022 at 12:04 PM MST
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Competing at the highest level was a mind set Wyatt Hendrickson had from a young age. Taking short cuts was not an option in the Hendrickson household.

“It was just grind through it no matter what it is. Don’t even find a short cut, just do it the hard way. So, that is kind of what started that tough mentality,” said Hendrickson.

But wrestling and the Air Force Academy wasn’t necessarily what he thought was in his deck of cards. After countless concussions on the football field Hendrickson thought it was time to turn his full attention to the mat.

“My dad came running out of the room and he was like what did you say Air Force. He kind of opened me up to everything I wasn’t considering,” said Hendrickson. “One thing they said was this will not be easy and that kind of intrigued me.”

Just as a Sophomore Hendrickson was named The Most Dominant wrestler in the NCAA, as well as leading the nation in pins. However, he says his list of achievements is not quite over.

" I am going to try and wrestle for the Air Force in a special program WCAP, World Class Athlete Program. Hopefully try and put Air Force wrestling as a whole on the map,” said Hendrickson. “Try and make a world team and hopefully an Olympic team. But more than that I want to go into Space Force Acquisitions and be the best commander I can be, I signed up here to serve my country and I am going to do that.”