WATCH: 10-year-old saves mom from drowning after she has a seizure in pool

Published: Aug. 29, 2022 at 11:59 AM MDT
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KINGSTON, Texas (KTEN) – In early August, Gavin Keeney saw his mother, who suffers from seizures, struggling in their swimming pool and he wasted no time before saving her life.

He was awarded a “Saving a Life” plaque in front of all of his peers.

“I heard what was a lot of splashing and moving around, I heard kind of yelling but also drowning, so then I looked and saw her seizing and so I went and jumped in and got her back to the ladder,” Gavin said.

Kingston Police Chief Kasey Cox said he and the fire chief got together and decided to reward Gavin for his actions.

Lori Keeney, Gavin’s mom, said he is used to helping her with her seizures, sometimes daily, and she’s glad he’s getting some recognition.

“Truly amazing thing to see, and I don’t normally get to see him in action and what he gets to do after I’m having a seizure ... it’s just, this is the first time I actually got to see it just because of security cameras,” she said. “So much pride in him. At the same time, it was heartbreaking to watch.”

According to Gavin, this is his second “Saving a Life” plaque. He originally got one when his mom was choking and his quick thinking also saved her then.

“I tried the Heimlich, and when that didn’t work I called 911,” Gavin said.

Cox deemed him a hero in his speech as he gave him the plaque. Gavin had a big smile on his face.

“Just see really great things for him, in this field of helping others, in whatever capacity, he has such great compassion for humankind and his friends and family, and I really hope that maybe this is a future for him,” Keeney said.