Welcome to the world! Cheyenne Mountain Zoo announces birth of Red River hog

The new little hoglet was born on Aug. 12!  Keepers say it has boundless energy and is enjoying...
The new little hoglet was born on Aug. 12! Keepers say it has boundless energy and is enjoying plenty of bonding time with its mom, Zena.(Cheyenne Mountain Zoo)
Published: Aug. 18, 2022 at 6:13 AM MDT
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Omo has some competition! The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has just welcomed another little one, and it’s a cutie!

Red River hog Zena gave birth to her second hoglet Aug. 12.

“We are over the moon with excitement for this little one,” said Lauren Phillippi, lead keeper in African Rift Valley. “Red River hog babies are some of the cutest in the whole animal kingdom with their little stripes, tiny statures and energetic behaviors.”

Energetic it most certainly is! Watch the youngster get the zoomies shortly after its birth.

Watch the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's newest addition explore its new surroundings!

The zoo says the little hoglet is barely the size of its mother’s snout and has all the adorable marking that are a hallmark of baby Red River hogs.

“Red River hoglets are often described as having a watermelon pattern when they’re born. Just like adult Red River hogs, hoglets have the signature bright orange coats, but the babies also have brown and white stripes that run the length of their bodies, along with little brown and white spots all over. Those stripes and spots usually fade in around six months, but act as important camouflage in the meantime,” the zoo explained.

As is typical with all of the zoo’s baby animals, the hoglet will not be named until at least 30 days after its birth. The zoo says it may also be a few weeks before keepers even know the baby’s sex.

In the meantime, the hoglet is getting plenty of quality time with Mom and will soon get to know its dad Huey and sister Pinto, born in 2021. Unlike many other animal species, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo says male Red River hogs are active dads, so Huey will be an important part of the baby’s upbringing going forward!

Congrats to the little family!

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