Colorado Cash Back Q&A: Why didn’t I get the full amount?

Example of a TABOR refund check in Colorado.
Example of a TABOR refund check in Colorado.(Colorado Governor's Office)
Published: Aug. 10, 2022 at 8:10 AM MDT
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DENVER (KKTV) - Over the next several days, you should be receiving a check in the mail, courtesy of the state of Colorado!

Any Coloradan who filed a tax return by June 30 is expected to get $750 back from the state, or $1,500 if filing jointly. But what if when you open the envelope, the check is for less than those amounts?

Some 11 News viewers have reached out to our newsroom concerned that their check is much smaller than anticipated. The state website explains why that is happening to some people:

I did not receive the full $750/$1,500 refund amounts. What happened?

If you owe a past debt to a government agency, the refund could have been intercepted to satisfy the debt.

Instances in which a refund could be intercepted include (but are not limited to): debts for child or spousal support; overpaid Aid to Families with Disabled Children (AFDC); overpayment of unemployment benefits; judicial fines; judicial restitution; unpaid parking tickets; any unpaid interest, fees, or surcharges owed to the Department or any other government agency; or any other unpaid debt to a government agency.

Will I get Colorado Cash Back if I owe back taxes or other state or federal debts?

DOR will deduct any back taxes, debts owed to other state agencies, and any IRS levies from the refund. Once that deduction occurs, the balance, if any, will be refunded to the taxpayer.

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Other FAQs

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