New red-light camera added to Colorado Springs active starting today

A new red-light camera is now live at the intersection of Fillmore Street and Union Boulevard.
A new red-light camera is now live at the intersection of Fillmore Street and Union Boulevard.(KKTV)
Published: Aug. 5, 2022 at 2:22 PM MDT
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Today, a new red-light camera added to the intersection of Fillmore Street and Union Boulevard in Colorado Springs has gone live. For the next 30 days, motorists captured by the camera running a red-light at the intersection will be issued a written warning by mail. After this warning period, it will be a $75 fine for those who run the red-light, but no driving points will be assessed.

“Every time we select a location for a camera there’s a 30 day period once it’s installed where the camera goes in and it is on a warning cycle.. After that 30 day period, the warning cycle ends,” says Robert Tornabene, the Public Information Officer for the Colorado Springs Police Department. “We’ve been using them more and more because we find that the violations that are occurring, where we do put the cameras, they do get reduced and that’s the important part. We’re trying to make sure that the public is safe when they’re driving.”

El Paso County currently has the second most traffic fatalities year-to-date in Colorado with 37 people who have died in traffic accidents. The Colorado Springs Police Department says this certainly plays a factor in the recent additions of red-light cameras to Colorado Springs.

“It does play into it. We do have a significant amount of fatalities whether [it’s] motorcycle or vehicular accidents or even pedestrians. So having a tool that will help us maybe reduce those number of accidents, it is helpful,” Tornabene states.

However, when 11 News asked some of the public, there were conflicting views on just how effective these additions will be.

“I think they’re probably just wasting money to be honest because I don’t think they’re gonna do any good,” says Tim Merkle.

“I think they’re gonna make a difference actually. But someone’s going to run it and there still gonna be [accidents],” Judy Sondermann states.

Sondermann also brought up the question of how the red-light locations are chosen.

“It’s interesting what intersections they’re doing. Ya know, first it didn’t bug me because it was intersections on the other side of town and then when I saw this new one go up I was like ‘oh they’re going to be every place now’,” Sondermann says.

According to CSPD, the selection of which intersections receive these red-light cameras is a process that includes a lot of data collection and analysis.

“Whether it’s accidents or speeding violations or complaints from citizens, they take all that data together and they identify a location in the community where there’s a significant number of violations and then they determined based on those violations if and when a camera should be put in,” Tornabene explains.

More information about the Red Light Camera Safety Program can be found by clicking here.

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