CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Police investigating 3 dozen vehicle burglaries in Broadmoor neighborhood

Police say they are reviewing this surveillance video, which shows a person trying to open car...
Police say they are reviewing this surveillance video, which shows a person trying to open car doors in a driveway on Pine Grove Avenue on July 31, 2022.(Evan Alderson)
Published: Aug. 2, 2022 at 6:29 AM MDT
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A slew of car break-ins have plagued the Broadmoor neighborhood for the past four weeks.

Colorado Springs police confirm they are investigating 35 vehicle burglaries in the residential area near the hotel that occurred just in the single month of July.

“It is scary just thinking that such a quiet street still isn’t safe from this kind of stuff,” said Evan Alderson.

Alderson’s home, tucked away on Pine Grove Avenue between the Broadmoor and Cheyenne Canon, became the latest target over the weekend.

“We noticed on Friday night that one of the cameras had triggered a little after midnight and saw an individual walking through our driveway trying door handles on the cars. He looked up and noticed one of the cameras and then took off running,” he told 11 News.

Unfortunately, the prowlers returned for a second round.

“Two days later, we had our in-laws in town and two more individuals -- who I’m not sure are the same individuals -- came and same deal, ran up and down the street and tried all of the door handles in the driveway again.”

The surveillance video shows a person jiggling the handle on one car and, seeing it was locked, moving on to a second car, which Alderson said belonged to his in-laws. That vehicle was left unlocked, and the burglar is seen on camera rifling through it.

Pine Grove Avenue resident Evan Alderson shared two surveillance videos with 11 News showing prowlers trying to break into cars in his driveway.

“I know they rummaged through the center counsel and the glove box and pulled out all kinds of papers and whatever else was in there. There was nothing of serious value in the car, which is lucky. They even left a little FM transmitter that you used to hook up your iPhone to the older cars’ stereo systems, but they may have taken a checkbook out of the car, which would be a big issue, we’re just not sure yet,” Alderson said.

“I do feel bad for them. They knew about the first time that it happened and they just simply forgot to lock the car door, which I’m sure happens to a lot of people.”

Following that break-in, Alderson went up and down his street warning his neighbors.

“Everyone is sort of banding together to keep an eye out for each other, which brings a lot of solace, I think, to everybody but us included, just knowing that people are now aware of the situation, looking out for each other.”

Due to the active investigation, police would not confirm the exact streets where all of the break-ins have happened, how many suspects they are looking for, or whether arrests have been made in connection with any of the nearly three dozen burglaries.

Their advice to residents: keep vehicles locked and do not leave valuables inside.

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