3-year-old dies after being hit by car driven by mother south of Colorado Springs

Colorado State Patrol troopers tell 11 News the girl died from her injuries after being hit by a truck in a local neighborhood Sunday morning. The child’s mother was behind the wheel in the driveway of their home when her daughter darted out in front of her car. It has been ruled accidental.
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Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 2:29 AM MDT|Updated: Aug. 1, 2022 at 11:25 AM MDT
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FOUNTAIN, Colo. (KKTV) - A three-year-old is dead after an accident at her home.

Colorado State Patrol troopers say the girl died from her injuries after being hit by a truck in a local neighborhood Sunday morning. It is in the Fountain area off Fontaine Boulevard.

Troopers tell 11 News the child’s mother was behind the wheel in the driveway of their home when her child darted out in front of her.

Director of Kids and Car Safety Amber Rollins tells 11 News children under the age of five are at the most risk of their frontover and backover accidents because the driver cannot see them. Troopers tell 11 News this is exactly what happened in the Fountain neighborhood Sunday morning.

Director Rollins tells 11 News at least 50 children are backed into every week in the United States because a driver could not see them. When it comes to frontovers, Rollins tells 11 News they report about 60 children are hit by a car moving forward each week. Rollins say at least 80% of these accidents are with a larger size vehicle like a truck, van or SUV. Their reports show 70% of the time, it is the parent or a close relative being behind the wheel.

Rollins tell 11 News this is 100% preventable if a child is being supervised.

“You want to be very mindful anytime someone is leaving or expecting to arrive at the home when children are directly supervised,” said Rollins. “When we say directly supervised, we mean hands-on. If you got a toddler and you know that they are notorious for bolting away from you, hold them.”

Rollins tells 11 News it is essential for drivers to check their front, back and side mirrors before driving a car. Also, get a childproof door knob cover so children cannot get out of the home.

Sergeant Troy Kessler with Colorado State Patrol tells 11 News many drivers have cameras in their cars to see blind-spots but not to always rely on them.

“We should always be very cautious of what is around us when we are moving and not to rely on the equipment fully because if it goes inoperable at any point, you are still responsible for where that vehicle goes,” explained Sgt. Kessler.

Sergeant Kessler tells 11 News charges are dependent on the situation and their investigation.


A 3-year-old girl died Sunday after she was hit by a car outside a home near Colorado Springs.

Colorado State Patrol says the child’s mother was behind the wheel.

A spokesperson with State Patrol tells 11 News the tragedy appears to have been a terrible accident. According to the incident report, the mother was trying to reposition her vehicle in a driveway when a car drove past and she abruptly braked. While the pickup was stopped, her 3-year-old daughter darted out in the path of the vehicle and was in the mother’s blind spot when she began moving the car again. The child was run over.

The little girl was rushed to Children’s Hospital in Colorado Springs but did not survive.

The collision was reported just after 9 Sunday morning outside a home in the Lorson Ranch neighborhood. Troopers said the house was located near the intersection of Fontaine Boulevard and Lamprey Drive.

The driver has only been identified as a 27-year-old woman from Colorado Springs. Her name and her child’s name have not been released.

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