Firework complaints down in Colorado Springs over holiday weekend

Published: Jul. 6, 2022 at 7:51 AM MDT
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Fireworks complaints were down over the holiday weekend as compared to the previous two years -- but it was still too many, say Springs police.

“It’s a good thing the numbers are down, but people still complained, and we still have to respond if we can, and that’s where the issue comes: manpower doesn’t always allow us to respond to those calls just because there are other incidents that are going on that are more important,” said Colorado Springs Police Department spokesperson Robert Tornabene.

CSPD fielded 389 firework complaints between July 2-5, with 219 of those calls falling on the 4th. While still too many, the number falls short of the 454 complaints made between July 2-5, 2021 (with 266 calls on the Fourth of July), and nowhere close to 2020′s 801 calls in that same period (where the number of complaints on a single day, July 4, was more than all four days in 2022 combined).

“Potentially it could be the weather as a factor because we did have some rain back and forth in different areas. It also could be simply that people were out and about and able to attend normal fireworks events because there were actual events going on as opposed to the pandemic from 2020 and then last year as well,” Tornabene said in speculating why firework complaints could be down in 2022.

Despite fireworks being illegal to buy, sell and set off inside Colorado Springs city limits, people still do it every year.

“There was a lot, enough to see a show,” said Cathy Espinoza, whose neighbors were popping off fireworks Monday night.

A ticket for illegal fireworks can cost you a $2,500 fine -- or even up to six months in jail. However, Tornabene says it can be up to the officer’s discretion when responding to a call.

“Officers will go up and say, ‘OK you’re done for the night,’ because simply it’s a call volume that the officers have to respond to. In other cases, if they’re using some kind of very dangerous kind of firework, like an aerial mortar or something along those lines, they may take enforcement action.”

The Colorado Springs Police Department did not have available numbers for how many of the weekend’s calls ended with a citation.

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