TrueSport educates young athletes through camps at USAFA

TrueSport camps run at USAFA for the tenth straight year.
Published: Jun. 27, 2022 at 5:36 PM MDT
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - For the tenth straight year, TrueSport has been invited to USAFA to share their values on sport. This year, Steve Emt, a Paralympic wheelchair curler made the trip to Colorado Springs.

“I have been an athlete my entire life, playing every sport imaginable and sports are an integral part of our lives,” said Emt. “I had an accident at the age of 25, which I was the drunk driver so my life got flipped upside down and I really had to dig myself out of it and overcome a lot of things, sport played a huge role in that.”

Emt has always been a competitor and said after his accident he needed to find a sport to fill the void inside of him. Emt then found the sport of curling about 8 years ago and has been on Team USA ever since.

“I know everything that I do with my life now is a result of what I’ve learned from programs like this, TrueSport wasn’t around when I was there age but everything that we teach now is everyday for me,” said Emt. “I learn that in my sport, I learn that through sport, sports are a huge part of anybody’s life, teamwork, camaraderie, hard work, dedication.”

“At the Air Force Academy, they run three weeks of camps, there is 1,600 campers, 16 sports represented, and what’s really neat about the values that TrueSport goes out and educates on is regardless of sport, regardless of age, these values transcend into their everyday lives,” said Audrey Shaw, TrueSport Outreach Education Program Lead.

“It’s been running for 10 years now, we go out all around the country and basically we will talk to anyone who listens, that is our job to educate,” said Emt.

Emt said that this is his first year at USAFA but it will not be his last.

“Being apart of an organization like TrueSport and going out and doing stuff for the youth, for student athletes of all ages, and educating and teaching them more than what you learn in school, that’s whats going to make you successful in life,” said Emt.

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