Increased traffic deaths become the focus of a new CDOT campaign

CDOT is warning drivers about the dangers of speeding with a sci-fi inspired campaign
Published: May. 24, 2022 at 6:56 PM MDT
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Colorado has seen an increase in fatalities on Colorado’s roadways. This comes from the Colorado Department of Transportation. They said this is a focus in their new campaign aimed at reducing speeding throughout the state.

CDOT said in a press conference on Tuesday that most speeding deaths come from El Paso County. In 2020, the state saw 287 speeding related fatalities, which is an increase from 239 the previous year. According to CDOT, 40 of those were in El Paso County.

“In fact, our troopers write more speeding tickets here in El Paso County than anywhere else,” said Colonel Matthew Packard with Colorado State Patrol. “And even more than that, we write more excessive speeding tickets in El Paso County. When I say excessive, this is ridiculous speeds, this is speeds in excess of 20, 25 miles an hour above the speed limit.”

That’s why they said they are spreading a simple message: “Excuses for speeding don’t exist. Deaths do.” This will be spread out on billboards and said on radio ads.

But this isn’t the entire campaign. CDOT said they are working with other agencies to spread awareness. They are working with Colorado State Patrol, Colorado Springs Police and the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office to spread the message and increase law enforcement presence.

“You can expect to see more troopers, more police officers, more sheriff’s deputies out across El Paso County, and truly across the state, and we’re going to take a strict enforcement posture,” Col. Packard said, “because we care about you. This is not about anything else than saving lives and making Colorado a safer place to travel.”

He spoke alongside CDOT’s highway safety manager Glenn Davis, as well as CSPD Chief Adrian Vasquez and Sheriff Bill Elder with the Sheriff’s Office, who echoed his sentiment.

This campaign also comes as summer break begins for many students, meaning there will be more people on the roads, as well as more teens behind the wheel.

“We have to remember that the younger drivers are inexperienced drivers,” Chief Vasquez said. “We have to watch our road rage, watch our patience with the drivers that are out there, and that’s, in part, because we do have a lot of younger drivers out on the road.”

Col. Packard added that the goal of this campaign--to slow down--will help drivers have enough time to react to these increased hazards.

The campaign will include billboards and radio ads all focused around the fact that excuses for speeding do not exist. These will include images of aliens and dragons. They will look like science fiction, but CDOT says it’s for good reason.

“There’s no space aliens or zombies anybody needs to outrun,” said Davis, “but too often people drive like that, coming up with excuse after excuse to drive fast, to speed, which only endangers themselves and other roadway users.”

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