Local high school student selected to play in the the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Jamie Cazier made her dreams of playing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade come true.
Published: Apr. 1, 2022 at 6:36 AM MDT
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Jamie Cazier has made her dreams of playing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade come true. Cazier is a junior at Air Academy Hugh School in Colorado Springs, and has been playing the flute and piccolo since she was in elementary school.

In February, she got the email she had been waiting for. “I got an email during my second period class, my second period math class. The email said that I had made it and it just made the day,” says Cazier. “I was really excited about it but also kind of freaked out at the same time, like is this real is this happening or am I just being messed with?”

Cazier tells 11 News the audition process for the parade is a lengthy one but was worth every second of hard work.

“For everyone coming in, they have to be there to learn it and then you have to prepare a solo that is higher that is like a three or six to give you that push that you can play to help you get into it. And it’s all recorded which saves a lot of stress. Then you just go ahead and email it off and you hear back within a month, two months,” says Cazier.

“We are supposed to be getting music in October and then we’re going to have to have it memorized when we go out to New York. We go out that Saturday or Sunday before and then all during Thanksgiving break we’re up in New York practicing and doing all these different activities” says Cazier.

Needless to say her family, friends and teachers are all proud of her and we can’t wait to see her perform in the parade this November.

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Posted by Air Academy High on Wednesday, March 16, 2022

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