Colorado mother, daughter stuck in Afghanistan; family pleads for help

Published: Aug. 17, 2021 at 7:31 AM MDT
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Ali Kazemi’s family moved to Colorado Springs when he was a baby after his father was killed by the Taliban.

Now, his mother and sister are stuck in the country as the terrorist group gains control. The women left the U.S. on Aug. 6 to visit family in Afghanistan and planned to return Sept. 6.


“I don’t want them to feel like they messed up going ... Nobody would’ve seen this coming, seeing how bad and fast it came,” Kazemi explained.

Ali Kazemi lives in Grand Junction, where he works and is going to college. He planned to see his mom and sister for the first time in five months after they returned from travel, but now he’s just hoping they come home safe.

“I’m scared for my mom and my sister ... I’m scared for all the other women out there,” Kazemi told 11 News reporter Julie Martin. “The Taliban are ruthless, they’re non-forgiving, they’re evil people ... and the more you wait, the more at risk all these innocent families are at.”

Kazemi says he’s isn’t having any luck trying to get his mom and sister home.

“Me and my other siblings, calling senators and the U.S. embassy, trying to figure something out for them. It’s been very challenging. There’s just no route for me to look to for help other than the media and getting the word out there.”

Kazemi says internet connection has been limited, and at times completely off.

“It is a waiting game,” he said. “The answer we get from everyone, especially my sister ... is to wait. And the thing is -- there is no time to wait.”

He adds, this is about more than just his family.

“Me coming forward isn’t just me asking for help to get my sister and my mom home. It’s to raise awareness of how bad and inhumane parts of the Middle East are and how long this is been going on. There are so many countries that are dealing with things like this.

“This is something everyone should be focused on. The only thing we should be talking about is resolution and where to move on from this point.”

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