WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Body camera footage shows Colorado deputy shoot and kill suspect; DA rules the shooting was justified

WARNING GRAPHIC: Video from 7th Judicial District Attorney's Office. Shows Apri. 9, 2021 deadly shooting. DA reported the shooting was justified on 6/24/21.
Published: Jun. 24, 2021 at 8:11 PM MDT
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DELTA COUNTY, Colo. (KKTV) - A report from the 7th Judicial District District Attorney’s Office states a deputy was justified in using deadly force.

WARNING: The video at the top of this article was released by the District Attorney’s Office and shows what led up to the deadly encounter and the moments after. Many may find the content disturbing. The shooting happens at about 2:40 in the video.

The shooting happened on April 9. A report from the DA’s office states the Delta County Sheriff’s Office deputy who fired his weapon picked up a citizen for a pre-approved ride early in his shift. Later in his shift, the deputy was trying to contact a woman who was driving a car without license plates. The driver, identified as Paige Pierce, tried to elude the officer, the DA’s report reads. You can read the full report and additional details about the chase at the bottom of this article.

As the deputy tried to make contact with Pierce, both the deputy and citizen riding with him estimate Pierce was driving faster than 100 mph. The high-speed chase started near Hotchkiss and ended in the driveway of High County Gardens. The body camera video shows the deputy put his car in park and get out of his vehicle. As he got out of his vehicle Pierce appeared to drive straight at the deputy. The deputy can be heard yelling “stop” and fired eight shots at Pierce. Pierce died at the scene.

According to the DA’s report the deputy said, “the second she gunned that car, man I thought, I’m about to die.” The deputy was identified as Nolan Davis.

“The evidence supports that as Davis was getting out of his vehicle, Paige attempted to drive unimpeded and at a relatively high speed between Davis and M.D.’s truck, directly at Davis, and only veering away from him as he opened fire,” a conclusion in the DA’s report reads. “The evidence supports that from the time he opened his door and got out of his truck, Paige traveled 38.8 feet in 1.8 seconds and that she could have stopped her vehicle before reaching him. Given the evidence, the People cannot disprove beyond a reasonable doubt that Davis was acting in Self-Defense, and the District Attorney cannot file criminal charges against Deputy Nolan Davis.”

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