GRAPHIC: Dispatch transcript from Colorado Springs birthday party shooting

Grieving neighbors stand next to crime tape at the scene of a horrific shooting at a birthday...
Grieving neighbors stand next to crime tape at the scene of a horrific shooting at a birthday celebration on May 9, 2021.(KKTV)
Updated: May. 10, 2021 at 6:43 AM MDT
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Warning: The following is real-time scanner traffic from the Colorado Springs Fire Department and EMS dispatch center while responding to a deadly shooting with seven victims (six plus the gunman) at a birthday party at 12:40 a.m. on May 9. Some of the content may be graphic and difficult for some viewers.


“2828 Preakness Way for a gunshot victim.”

“Fire dispatch AMR 59 is responding with Engine 11.”

“Call taker got the address from the GPS, not sure if it’s the exact, sounds like there are several people on scene.”

“PD is en route to the location. Stage when you get close to the area.

“Sounds like more shots are still being fired. Keep your distance.”

“We’re looking like we have multiple victims. Why don’t we start a few more ambulances code 2 for a total of three and an additional engine company.”

“2828 Preakness Way. Possible multiple gunshot victims.”

“Police are on scene advising that there are four victims and you are clear to go in.”

“Six victims now, police, police. Engine 11 copies. Total of six.”

“We have one critical, red, and five black. I don’t think we’re gonna need all of these additional resources that are coming.”

“They’re all in the same address.”

“AMR has sent six ambulances. Three are on scene and three are still en route.”

“Updated triage. We have that one critical that’s already been transported and six black.”

“Total of seven. Six black. One red that has been transported.”

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