Colorado bill advances that would require guns to be stored securely

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Published: Mar. 8, 2021 at 11:29 PM MST
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DENVER (KKTV) - Colorado lawmakers advanced a bill that would require guns to be stored securely when not in use.

On Monday, Republican House members argued the bill conflicts with Second Amendment rights by restricting when firearm owners can use their guns. They also criticized the legislation as being punitive and said it could criminalize responsible gun owners.

Sponsors of the bill believe the requirement would promote responsible gun ownership.

”As an ER nurse, a gun owner, and the father of young children, I’m convinced that this common-sense gun safety bill will prevent tragedies and save lives,” said Representative Kyle Mullica (D-Northglenn), a primary sponsor of the bill. “Asking all gun owners in Colorado to safely store their firearms the way the majority of responsible gun owners already do is not a tall order, but it could go a long way towards preventing accidental deaths, injuries, and suicides involving firearms.”

The sponsors of HB21-1106 believe the bill will encourage gun owners, especially those with children in the home, to properly store their firearms. The bill also requires licensed firearms dealers to provide a locking device at the time of sale or transfer of all firearms. Federal law already requires that handguns sold by licensed dealers be sold with locking devices. Finally, the bill would create the charge “unlawful storage of a firearm” when a firearm is not stored safely and a juvenile or someone who is ineligible to possess a firearm is present, making it a class 2 misdemeanor.

Rep. Patrick Neville brought a locking device to the capitol on Monday to show how long it takes to unlock and load a gun. He joined Republicans who called the bill “denied defense” and gave examples where quick firearm access could be life-saving.

The bill passed its second reading in the House on Monday with amendments.

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