Donthe Lucas trial finishes second week: Lucas’ mother takes stand Friday

Kelsie Schelling and Donthe Lucas
Kelsie Schelling and Donthe Lucas
Published: Feb. 24, 2021 at 8:54 AM MST
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PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) - The ongoing trial of a Colorado man accused of murdering his pregnant girlfriend finished its second week.

Just a week into trial, someone in the courtroom tested positive for COVID-19, prompting a two-week pause in the proceedings. It was unclear if the individual who tested positive was with the prosecution, defense, jurors, or visitors on the case.

Day 6, Feb 24: Before the two-week break, a woman testified Lucas is her current boyfriend and has been romantically involved with Lucas since 2017, four years after Kelsie’s disappearance. This woman testified she was in contact with CBI and gave them information about Lucas in 2017.

CBI testified today they told her not to have any contact with Lucas, but she did anyways. CBI testified they learned Lucas bought a one-way to ticket to Arizona, where his alleged girlfriend lived, in Nov. 2017. Lucas was arrested for Kelsie’s murder in Dec. 2017.

Lucas’ former basketball coach at Northeastern Junior College in Sterling, Colorado testified how Lucas was dropped from the school due to grades in Spring 2012. Lucas was recruited by Emporia State College in Kansas, but the coach there testified he never showed up to play in 2013.

Day 7, Feb 25: Messages were shown of Lucas texting another girl just days after Kelsie went missing. This girl said she was an old friend of Lucas’ but the texts appeared intimate. This girl testified she received a phone call from Kelsie’s phone the night Kelsie went missing, although the girl did not know who Kelsie was at the time, and Lucas was their only mutual friend.

The head Pueblo detective on the case took the stand reviewing Lucas’ story of Kelsie’s disappearance and compared it to surveillance footage. None of it lined up.

Lucas told law enforcement in 2013 he and Kelsie went to Parkview Medical Center to confirm her pregnancy, and then went to the southside Walmart where he never saw her again. Parkview records show Kelsie was never there.

At the time of Kelsie’s disappearance, Walmart surveillance shows someone alone dropping off Kelsie’s car and picking it back up the next day. Footage at a bank in this same time frame also shows someone in Kelsie’s car pulling $400 out of her account. Lucas did later admit to law enforcement that was him. Kelsie’s car was ultimately found abandoned at St. Mary Corwin hospital, but detectives found it clean, when it appeared dirty in the Walmart footage.

The night after Kelsie’s disappearance Lucas’ phone apparently pinged in the area of the southside landfill, although there is no evidence of anyone being inside of there that night.

Day 8, Feb 26: The head Pueblo detective on Kelsie’s case continued going over Lucas’ texts. Lucas appeared to text multiple unknown numbers attempting to solicit sex days after Kelsie’s disappearance.

During this same time frame, Kelsie’s family was contacting Lucas about her disappearance. Lucas never mentioned to Kelsie’s family had her car or pulled money out of her account. But, he did try and contact Kelsie’s phone multiple times days after she went missing.

The defense continues to make the same point: no body, no crime scene and no weapon in this case.

Sara Lucas, Donthe’s mother, took the stand Friday. She was questioned about what she did in the hours and day following Kelsie’s disappearance, describing her morning, seeing Kelsie’s car in front of Donthe’s grandmother’s house, but said she never saw Kelsie.

Sara testified today that Donthe acted like he normally would that day, but Kelsie’s team pulled up an audio recording from 2013 where she told police Donthe was “acting weird.”

Sara said Kelsie called her a few weeks before going missing to tell her that she was pregnant. Sara said she was upset and didn’t think Kelsie and Donthe were in a position to take care of a child, but said she would welcome another grandchild.

Lucas’ 94-year-old grandmother, Vivian, also took the stand since Lucas lived in her home during Kelsie’s disappearance. She reported to police in 2013 she saw Lucas coming in from her garage the night Kelsie disappeared. She said Lucas told her he was “looking for something.”

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- Feb. 4, 2013: The last time Kelsie Schelling was seen.

- Feb. 5, 2013: Kelsie’s car was seen at several different locations. Lucas reportedly withdrew money from Kelsie’s bank account, according to investigators.

- Feb. 7, 2013: Someone is seen on surveillance video leaving Kelsie’s car in the parking lot of a hospital.

- Feb. 14, 2013: Police find Kelsie’s car

- Nov. 15, 2017: Lucas was arrested on robbery charges, not related to the Schelling case.

- April 12, 2017 Authorities start digging up the backyard of a home in connection to the Schelling case

- Dec. 1, 2017: Lucas is charged with murder

- Jan. 25, 2021: Trial for Lucas begins with jury selection

- Feb. 3, 2021: Opening statements in the trial for Lucas

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