Mass vaccination clinic to be held at Coors Field this weekend

Published: Jan. 27, 2021 at 3:39 PM MST
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DENVER, Colo. (KKTV) - We are learning more information about the mass vaccination clinic at Coors Field this Saturday and Sunday.

UCHealth is partnering with the state, county, and Colorado Rockies to vaccinate 10,000 seniors in Phase 1B. All 5,000 slots for this Saturday are full--and Sunday is about halfway full already.

If you want to get on the vaccine list for UCHealth, click here, or call (720) 462-2255. You can’t just show up though, you have to register. If you are already a patient in the system, you will be randomly selected. Those who are contacted have 48 hours to respond. Registering does not guarantee you a spot, you will be notified if an appointment is available.

The clinic is for people 70 and older, and some healthcare workers who still need their vaccine. They are looking to open even more clinics in other regions, including Colorado Springs and Pueblo, but right now it comes down to supply.

“The single biggest challenge right now in vaccinations, and this applies to all manners of vaccinations, is really vaccine supply,” Dr. Richard Zane, the Chief Innovation Officer for UCHealth said. “It really is the single biggest challenge that we have. We believe that we could probably vaccinate 8,000 people in one day, and 16,000 in a weekend--but the supply of vaccine is the single biggest challenge.”

Patients will make an appointment to get their second dose when they are getting their first. That will be at another mass vaccination clinic at Coors Fiield.

″The entire purpose of this, as you point out, is to get Colorado back to normal. And there has to be some level of heard immunity… It’s not just about you and yourself, or you and your family—which it is— it’s also about protecting the populace,” Dr. Zane added. “So getting vaccinated is not just an individual choice for your own health, but it’s also a societal obligation, participating in society, and becoming a part of the herd that is vaccinated so we can all get back to normal.”

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