How you can help support Colorado National Guard troops and restaurants in DC

Published: Jan. 17, 2021 at 9:08 PM MST
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WASHINGTON (KKTV) - More than 200 Colorado National Guard soldiers are in Washington to provide security for President-elect Joe Biden during inauguration week.

Gov. Jared Polis helped send the troops off Sunday morning.

With so many troops from Colorado and elsewhere, some businesses in our nation’s capital are working to help them out. Dozens of restaurants in Washington are keeping troops fed thanks to donations from all across the country. The donations aren’t only fueling the troops, but also helping businesses hit hard by the pandemic.

“Give them a little bite of local eats and deliciousness and let them know how much we appreciate them. I always believe that the power of food has this unique thing of bringing people together,” said Chef Spike Mendelsohn in a video interview on Sunday.

Which is why We, the Pizza and dozens of other D.C.-based restaurants are stepping up to give more options for a hot meal to the men and women who are the boots on the ground in the Capitol.

“We understand that they are getting fed. But the idea here is this is to welcome them,” he explained. “They are in our backyard fighting for our democracy away from their families and putting their lives on the line. And no one knows what’s really going to happen. We already saw what’s possible.”

Polis spoke to the troops before they were sent off.

“I am just so proud to see these young men and women volunteer to help protect the integrity of our public,” he said. “I really hope and trust that this is a time where Americans can come together no matter who you voted for, no matter what your ideology is.”

Support for our National Guard members -- no matter how you slice it.

“It just shows that when you come together not just as an industry but as humans, that you can make a big difference,” Mendelsohn added. “I’ve seen people donate from all backgrounds: Democrats, Republicans. People are here for the troops and I think people are ready to come together and heal.”

The chef told 11 News they are raising enough money for about 2,000 meals a day.

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