CuddleCot donated to Cañon City hospital to provide more time for families with stillborn babies

Ashlie’s Embrace helps connect local families with hospitals to give the gift of time
Published: Jan. 15, 2021 at 6:43 PM MST
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - It’s a hard subject to talk about.

Erin Maroon, president and co-founder of Ashlie’s Embrace, told 11 News reporter Spencer Wilson that’s a part of the problem for families with stillborn babies. Because the subject is so taboo, Maroon feels as if the death of a child isolates the family in their moment of tragedy.

“And we want to shatter that silence,” Maroon adds.

It’s a silence she knows all too well. She and her husband lost their child in 2015, their daughter Ashlie. Now, they work together trying to bring comfort to families going through that same devastating moment.

They created Ashlie’s Embrace, a nonprofit that helps connect donors with hospitals to provide tools called CuddleCots. After a stillbirth, the delivery team needs to cool the baby’s body to slow physical changes. That means holding the baby, which exposes the child to body heat and speeds up that process. That’s why the body is usually taken quickly after birth.

With a CuddleCot, a cooling bassinet, the family has more time to spend with the baby before the infant is moved.

“A CuddleCot would have changed so much for us,” Maroon explained. “I didn’t sing to Ashlie, I didn’t rock her. I didn’t read to her. I didn’t take cute hospital selfies with her.”

“The things that you think that you’re going to be doing with your first baby ... lullabies and playing with her hair and counting her fingers and counting your toes,” Maroon said.

“Those are moments that I play over and over again. And I have so much regret.”

Now thanks to her organization, a local family that just experienced a loss in July of last year was able to connect with St. Thomas More Hospital in Cañon City and donate a cuddle cot to their birth ward, giving the gift of time to other families in that dark hour.

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