State plan calling for 940,000 electric vehicles in Colorado by 2030 gets a helping hand with investment from Xcel Energy

An electric vehicle charging with the City of  Denver in the background.
An electric vehicle charging with the City of Denver in the background.(Colorado Electric Vehicle Plan 2020)
Published: Dec. 23, 2020 at 7:29 PM MST
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DENVER (KKTV) - State officials announced that a major investment is accelerating a plan in place to have nearly a million people behind behind the wheel of an electric vehicle by 2030 in Colorado.

On Wednesday, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) voted to approve Xcel Energy’s roughly $110 million investment in new electric vehicle infrastructure and programs.

“Xcel filed a plan to accelerate Colorado’s transition to vehicle electrification,” said Will Toor, Director of the Colorado Energy Office. “With today’s decision, the PUC tapped the accelerator. The decision clearly keeps Colorado moving forward toward vehicle electrification by providing important investment in EV [electric vehicle] infrastructure.”

Click here to read the Colorado EV Plan 2020, put together in part by the Colorado Energy Office, Colorado Department of Transportation, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment along with the Regional Air Quality Council. The plan establishes a target of 940,000 electric vehicles in use by 2030.

As part of Wednesday’s decision, the PUC concluded that state law permits a utility transportation electrification plan to include rebates for customers to purchase new or used electric vehicles. The Commission approved a $5 million pilot program to provide rebates to income-qualified customers that will enable lower-income customers to enter the EV market.

“Transportation is the leading source of greenhouse gas pollution in Colorado, " said Keith Hay, Director of Policy at the Colorado Energy Office. “The PUC’s decision is a downpayment on transition to cleaner air and lower emissions. We are especially encouraged that the PUC adopted recommendations focusing on equity in the transition to transportation electrification.”

The information on the approval for Xcel’s investment came from the Governor’s Office on behalf of the Colorado Energy Office.

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