’Everything she did, she did with excellence:’ Remembering Kelsey Berreth 2 years later

Published: Nov. 22, 2020 at 11:30 PM MST
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WOODLAND PARK, Colo. (KKTV) - It’s been two years since Woodland Park mom Kelsey Berreth was brutally murdered on Thanksgiving day in her townhome. Her story spread across the nation.

As family and friends continue to grieve, they shared memories of who Kelsey was and the light she brought to this world.

“We were honored to have a season with Kelsey, and we became friends with her. She impacted all of those that had that opportunity,” said Ray Sebring, Kelsey’s former supervisor at L3 Doss Aviation.

Her supervisor says everyone grieved in their own way when they lost Kelsey, but today they smile when they think about her. Now with every flight, they operate and supervise, they do so from a flight tower named after Kelsey.

While those closest to her remember her as a kind, devoted, loving mother, the prosecution team that fought for her says they will never forget Kelsey.

“It’s something I always think about and have thought about his time of year. This year and last year,” said Jennifer Viehman, the lead prosecutor on the case.

Viehman fought for a year to get justice for Kelsey and her family. During the last two years, Viehman has stayed in close contact with the Berreth family and admits Kelsey’s story is one that will be with her forever.

“A lot of cases stick with you; you know and some don’t. But I think this is a case that will always stick with me,” said Viehman.

While Viehman didn’t know Kelsey personally, she felt as if she did as she learned more about Kelsey as the case moved on. Often times prosecutors have to learn every small detail about the person they’re fighting for, leading Viehman to feel a strong connection to Kelsey.

“I can’t drive through Woodland Park without really thinking, it’s not just thinking about the case. It’s really, I drive through Woodland Park and I look over at where she lived and I even say a little something like as I drive through down the highway,” said Viehman.

District Attorney Dan May worked alongside Viehman on the case. He says throughout the legal process his team met person after person who had nothing but good things to say about Kelsey.

“Everything we know about her she was one of the nicest, sweetest, kindest individuals,” said May.

As the buzz around Kelsey’s story has died down, those closest to the case say her memory will never fade. Viehman says the moments that warm her heart are the times she spends speaking to Kelsey’s family, overhearing Kelsey’s daughter in the background full of joy.

“When I first met the baby she just warms your heart. I mean she leaves a print on you as well,” said Viehman.

While the tragedy of Kelsey’s story still floats in the air, the prosecution team says because of Kelsey’s little girl leaving a mark on the world, just like her mom, Kelsey’s legacy will never fade.

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