Bear Creek Fire Evacuees to fire crews: “We have a home to come back to today because of you, thank you”

Published: Nov. 20, 2020 at 6:42 PM MST
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - We are hearing from a woman who talked to firefighters through her security system as they saved her home from the Bear Creek Fire.

Crystal Martin let us come back Friday to see just how close the flames got to her house.

“Absolute relief, feeling blessed and grateful,” she told 11 NEWS while walking along the fire line just feet away from her home.

Firefighters were caught on surveillance on Thursday holding up hoses and battling the Bear Creek Fire. They saved Martin’s home.

“We were watching it live yesterday on Ring. And we were reviewing the footage this morning and clearly overheard the fire department yell ‘we can save this house!’ and our hearts just sank. "

Martin continued:

“We actually were able to come in on the microphone and speak and talk directly with the firefighters that were standing on our deck, defending our home. And we’re able to say little things like we have a hose on this side of the house and a hose on this side. "

Firefighters and the city say things could have been much worse, but homeowners here have done a lot of mitigation.

“We had the fire marshal out a few years ago when we bought the property so they came out with a few ideas just to keep our house safe,” Taylor Harris explained.

“The 18 acres that we did immediately behind these homes in this neighborhood was done with handsaws and with chainsaws guys walking around on the ground, being very selective about the materials that they’re moving,” Dennis Will the City Forester for Parks and Recreation said of their efforts a few years back.

But it also came down to the heroes fighting on the front-line.

“We have a home to come back to today because of you. Thank you,” Martin added in a message to firefighters.

The cause is still under investigation. The fire is fully contained as of Friday night,

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