Restaurants struggling to stay open amid pandemic restrictions

Published: Nov. 18, 2020 at 6:03 PM MST
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Some businesses are making the tough choice to close their doors for a while.

One restaurant owner in Colorado Springs is doing everything he can to stay open, but he is worried. A lot of places are weighing if its worth staying open at all.

The owner at The Warehouse, James Africano tells 11 NEWS the volume of customers has slowed over the last couple of weeks. He adds they no longer are serving lunch and they had to space out their dining room in order to comply with restrictions.

Africano says even though they’ve had to do that, they are one of the lucky ones. Some businesses like the Rabbit Hole and Garden of the Gods Café have been forced to temporarily close.

The Rabbit Hole is temporarily closed. Due to increased restrictions on dining capacities and concern for our...

Posted by Rabbit Hole Dinner and Drinks on Monday, November 16, 2020

The owner of The Warehouse says the possibility of shutting down is real, and it’s frustrating there’s not much he can do.

“You know we can’t go out right now and just do an ad campaign or knock on doors and get business back up. That’s not what’s going on and that’s probably the most frustrating part is it’s not that any of us were really bad at what we did and it’s just time to fold up and go home and lick our wounds and try again,” James Africano said. “This is something that we have so little control over it. It makes it really difficult to deal with.”

Right now, restaurants in El Paso County can still do in-person dining with limited customers.

We are open until we can’t be open anymore! Come on down for dinner tonight!!!

Posted by The Warehouse COS on Tuesday, November 17, 2020

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