Colorado plans for COVID-19 vaccine distribution when one becomes available

Published: Oct. 13, 2020 at 11:30 AM MDT
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Colorado Gov. Jared Polis along with the Governor’s Expert Emergency Epidemic Response Committee has drafted a distribution plan for a COVID-19 vaccine. The goal of the outline is to plan on who should get the vaccine when one becomes available based on their jobs and who they come in contact with.

The committee says it’s likely a small amount of the vaccine will be available first, so not everyone will have access to it. Polis says he hopes a vaccine will be available as soon as possible.

“The first dosages of that vaccine will hopefully be delivered in Colorado in November and December,” said Polis at a recent news conference.

The state outline is broken up into three phases. In the first phase, those working the front lines of the virus such as doctors, nurses, and first responders will get the vaccine before anyone else. The governor says it’s important for critical workers to get the vaccine as soon as possible because they are in closest contact with those infected.

Polis hopes to also distribute the vaccine to those most at risk, including employees at senior living centers. He says if the employees can reduce any risk of spread to the population most at risk, it could help the number of cases and deaths decline.

Phase two includes essential workers who may have contact with others. This phase would include job fields like postal workers and grocery store employees.

The last phase is the general public. Polis says it’s likely non-essential workers and the general public won’t have access to the vaccine until spring 2021. He believes we won’t see an immediate impact even if the vaccine is available as early as November or December.

Companies such as Moderna are still working through vaccine trials. According to the president of Moderna, the timeline of when a vaccine could become available depends on how fast the virus spreads this fall.

“Our best estimates: earlier it could happen would be the early part of the latter part of the fall. November, December time horizon. But it could happen but later or much sooner depending on the rate of transmission in the country,” says Dr. Stephen Hoge, President of Moderna.

The full Colorado vaccine distribution outline can be found here. This is just a draft so it is subject to changes.

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