Protesters take Downtown Colorado Springs, asking for justice for Breonna Taylor

Outcry from Kentucky killing spreads across nation, hits home in Colorado Springs
Published: Sep. 28, 2020 at 12:08 AM MDT
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A little more than 100 people came together at City Hall, the largest we’ve seen since the summer BLM protests, including clashes, and conversations with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

“I fear every day that I’m going to be the next person dead because I come out and protest,” said one protester, Rosco.

This protest comes just days after a grand jury indicted one police officer in the case for shooting into a neighbor’s apartment on the night of Taylor’s death.

Protesters moved from City Hall into the streets as the afternoon went on, eventually blocking an intersection. When one driver got fed up, sped up, and tried to skirt around the group, one protester says she almost got hit.

“He swerves and he was going to go straight, but then intentionally swerves towards me. ... I did kick his car! But my life compared to a dent in his car -- what the heck," Dalinn Harkins told 11 News.

The driver jumped out of his car with a golf club.

“I knew he was coming after me. He was like, ‘That [expletive] kicked my car!’”

And the crowd came to Harkins' defense.

“That gentleman got out of his car, parked his car, and started walking back at the crowd trying to essentially threaten the crowd and inciting a fight. So I disarmed him," said the protester who took the golf club from the driver.

After the altercation with the driver, CSPD officers showed up in a hurry. At that point, the assembly was declared unlawful by the police, but protesters moved out of the street and kept walking, making stops along their path at police headquarters and the El Paso County Courthouse. There, organizers asked the group to take a knee for nine minutes.

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