Family trying to rebuild after fire destroys home, kills dog

Published: Sep. 5, 2020 at 9:14 AM MDT
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - It was a real-life nightmare for a Colorado Springs family after a fire consumed their home over the weekend, killing the family dog and leaving one person hospitalized.

The fire started early Saturday morning as the family slept.

“She said that it was around 6 in the morning ... what woke her up was the heat and the flames,” said Odalis Sugia, a family friend of homeowner Elena Gomez.

Sugia and Gomez sat down with 11 News reporter Olivia DaRocha one day after the devastating fire, Sugia translating on Gomez’s behalf.

Gomez said her bedroom felt unusually hot when she opened her eyes. She climbed out of bed and went to investigate the source of the heat. As soon as she opened her door, she saw massive flames tearing through her home.

“The first thing she thought was her daughter-in-law and her grandson,” Sugia said.

Gomez put a wet towel on her head and crawled through the fire to save the rest of her family. The four people in the home escaped safely, including a 3-month-old child. Tragically, the family could not save the dog.

“She says she just feels sad, really sad,” Sugia said. “She had this trailer for two years, but she got really attached to it. It’s like her home that she worked hard for, and then her dog, who was just always there for her. It’s just really sad.”

The family was not able to salvage anything from the home and are now having to rebuild their life.

“She said that she’s really hurt, but she’s going to try to rebuild it again and try to start all over,” Sugia said.

One thing Gomez is grateful for is that fast work by firefighters, which prevented the flames from spreading to nearby homes. The family lives in Canterbury Mobile Home Park, with neighbors on both sides.

“She says that she is really thankful for them because they could stop the spread so the fire did not spread to other trailers although it did break the next trailer’s windows,” Sugia said.

One family member was transported to the hospital for minor smoke inhalation and is expected to recover.

The cause of the fire is now being investigated.

Canterbury Mobile Home Park is located near Powers and Astrozon.

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