D-70 in Pueblo County making dividers for classrooms

These dividers will help slow the spread of COVID-19 through the air
Published: Aug. 14, 2020 at 1:32 PM MDT
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The district is doing everything they can to make sure students and staff feel safe and are spending these next few weeks making dividers. These dividers are made out of plexiglass and PVC pipes. District spokesperson Todd Seip says these dividers are important in slowing the virus through the air. “We’re out here building dividers that can go between desks and kid tables that will help at least slow down that airborne spread if people have to get closer than 6 feet.”

So far the district has built fifty dividers, but hopes to have at least ten in each school by the time students return to in person learning. The CARES act is helping D-70 buy the needed supplies to provide the extra layer of protection in the classroom.

The plexiglass needed to build the smaller dividers for kindergarten through 5th grade is delayed, but the district says the supplies should be here by Labor Day.

D-70 is expected to return to school on August 24th. Students will be doing online learning for the first four weeks. After that the school will reassess the current conditions in the area and decide next steps for learning.

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