Pueblo County seeing rise in COVID-19 cases

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Published: Jul. 29, 2020 at 8:18 AM MDT
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PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. (KKTV) - El Paso County isn’t the only southern Colorado county seeing a large rise in cases; its neighbor to the south is also trending in the wrong direction.

Pueblo County is also seeing a big increase in COVID-19 infections, having just logged the highest number of cases in a single two-week period since the pandemic started.

The county health department says gatherings like graduations and Fourth of July parties are largely to blame.

“We’re very concerned about that and working wanna get the message out to our community that everyone has a responsibility,” said Pueblo County Health Director Randy Evetts. “If you’re going to go to those celebrations and be part of the celebrations, be smart about it. Continue to wear a mask and social distance. Those kind of activities are really important.”

Evetts said ideally, citizens would scale back going out.

“Choosing not to attend some of those social events, not going out to some of these big stores when they’re crowded, and some of those kind of things,” he said of things Puebloans could be doing.

Pueblo County isn’t faring as poorly as El Paso County; according to the governor’s latest data, Pueblo County is currently classified as orange, which means a two-week incidence of 51-100 cases per 100,000. El Paso County’s incidence level is over 100 per 100,000, leaving it at risk of losing its variances. Pueblo County isn’t there -- yet.

“If those positive cases are increasing, you have seen how that was managed before. The natural thing is to start shutting down some of these other activities to try and prevent the spread,” Evetts warned.

The health department is also dealing with a testing backlog. Right now, it’s taking about a week to get the results back because so many people are being tested, largely because of the volume of people getting tested all throughout our state.

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