Caught on camera: Man defaces Black Lives Matter sign in Boston

Published: Jul. 13, 2020 at 9:44 AM MDT
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BOSTON (WCVB/CNN) – Boston Police said they’ve identified a suspect in the vandalism of a Black Lives Matter art installation after a man was caught on camera painting over it.

Surveillance video shows an older white man and woman walking up to a Black Lives Matter sign in the city’s Allston neighborhood on Thursday night.

They make sure the coast is clear before the man starts spray-painting over the word “Black” in the sign.

Businesses owner Justin Pomerleau shared surveillance video of the incident. He said it’s not the first time someone has tampered with the sign.

“Somebody tore it down once. Somebody changed it to ‘Blue Lives Matter,’ and then this time somebody just tried to spray-paint it out,” he said.

Eventually the man stops painting as pedestrians walk by. The couple wait for the coast to be clear before the man finishes painting over the word “Black.” Then they walk away.

"It was a really feeble attempt to ruin the mural," Pomerleau said.

Neighbors were reportedly able to wash off the spray paint before it had a chance to dry.

On Saturday, police released a photo of the man and woman, calling them “persons of interest.”

On Sunday, police said they had identified a suspect, though they did not specify if the suspect was the man or woman in the video.

“It’s a hate crime in my opinion,” Pomerleau said. “It’s like, there’s no two ways about it.”

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