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Peaks and Pasties 5th Anniversary Shows

Mar 15, 2013 - Mar 16, 2013 Friday, March 15: 9:00 p.m.

Zodiac Venue/Bar, 230 Pueblo Avenue, CS
Five years ago, in the face of stern opposition, and in a city known for its conservative leanings, four women dared to found a burlesque troupe and school and bring the Neo-Burlesque movement to Southern Colorado. Through the early days of pickets and police, Peaks and Pasties is going strong, and has a huge fan base as they time after time present top-notch burlesque performances in Colorado and beyond. To commemorate this historic milestone, Peaks and Pasties will stage two shows on Friday, March 15 and Saturday, March 16 at the Zodiac, a well-known hotspot for live music and performances. These shows will feature a national headliner as well as Colorado favorites, original PnP members and recent graduates from the Sparkle, Spitfire and Scoops Academy of Burlesque.
“This is a huge accomplishment---we couldn’t be prouder,” said Lola Spitfire, founder of Peaks and Pasties. “We’ve had a great time the whole way and stayed true to our mission to celebrate men and women from all races, all sizes and all walks of life.” Indeed, Peaks and Pasties performers, in their off-stage lives, run the gamut from stay-at-home moms to lawyers. They regularly perform in over 15 Southern Colorado venues.
Over the years, more than 150 performers, male and female, have graduated from the Academy. This makes Peaks and Pasties the biggest working burlesque troupe in the United States. And because Peaks and Pasties is dedicated to upholding high standards of conduct and performance in the troupe, they often bring in nationally known burlesque teachers to help members continue to hone their craft. Several graduates will be shaking and shimmying on the stage of the Zodiac during the anniversary shows.

“We are especially excited to have Indigo Blue from Seattle with us for our anniversary, as well as Colorado burlesque stars Honey Touche’, Kitty Crimson, Midnight Martini and Holly Rebelle,” said Spitfire. “And Moonhoney Gypsy Tango Cabaret, one of the hottest talents on the local music scene, will open for us. We will also have a surprise emcee for one of those nights. It’s going to be an incredible weekend.”
The Zodiac will have a Las Vegas theme for the Anniversary shows and many of the acts will incorporate the motif---most notable, the infamous Peaks and Pasties “Viva Las Vegas” performance. Fans are encouraged to dress the part and come decked out in their best Rat Pack finery. Signature cocktails will also be created for the event.
For more information about Peaks and Pasties; the Sparkle, Spitfire and Scoops Academy of Burlesque; or the Anniversary weekend, contact Lola Spitfire at
About Peaks and Pasties
It is the mission of the Peaks and Pasties burlesque troupe to celebrate women and men of all races, shapes and sizes, giving participating members an opportunity to develop and showcase their individual performing art talents, with an emphasis on burlesque and boylesque. As a result of intensive workshops and continual training, Peaks and Pasties will provide first class, variety show performances at venues throughout Southern Colorado, inspiring all those in attendance to celebrate their bodies and realize beauty through the art of burlesque and boylesque. It is the aim of Peaks and Pasties to be a prominent force in the community with a passionate commitment to charity work. Visit
Lola Spitfire, 719-651-6847,