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Titanic: The Musical an Experience out of time

Feb 15, 2013 - Feb 24, 2013 Feb. 15, 16, 22, 23 @7:30pm and Feb 17, 24 @ 2:00 pm

Runyon Theater 611 N. Main Pueblo
Come experience the last night on the Titanic

Hours before "Iceberg!" echoed throughout the hallways, women and children clung to one another on lifeboats in frigid temperatures, and their loved ones vowed to meet them in America, a delicious meal was being served in a beautiful ballroom fit for royalty. On the menu, Titanic's first class passengers were served cold asparagus vinaigrette, chicken lyonnaise, zucchini farie, and Waldorf pudding with a hot custard sauce. Served atop the White Star Line china, passengers enjoy dinner with the sounds of violin, cello and piano music.

Earlier during the afternoon, the first class could be found enjoying trays with fruit scones, tarts, bread pudding, and shortbread while listening to the same trio. There also will be a history and mystery of the Titanic talk with Sean P. Briggs and Molly Brown (Colorado's own Titanic survivor) during the tea.

Damon Runyon Theater recreates these dining experiences at Titanic the musical running February 15-25. On Saturday performances at 6:15pm, for $36 enjoy the first class experience with a three course meal and take the plate home as a memento of the dining experience (for dining patrons only). On Sundays at noon, for $26, enjoy an afternoon tea aboard the Titanic with a historian to answer

Every patron will receive a White Star Line boarding pass of an actual passenger who was aboard the Titanic. After the production, patrons will look at the list of survivors to know their outcome. If they perished, there will be a bell to ring. In the addition to the boarding passes, there will be a display of items from the Titanic in the lobby and a ship replica with a timeline of the events.

Winner of Best musical in 1997, Titanic is directed by Sean P. Briggs. Pueblo's best actor portrays the ship designer Thomas Andrews whose amazed at all things mankind has accomplished as sung in "In Every Age." Pueblo's best actress Rebecca J. Work plays Alice Beane, a second class passenger who dreams of a first class lifestyle. Runyon veteran Brent Ritter and Pueblo's bronze best actress Judith Cook, play Mr. and Mrs. Straus, a first class couple famous for giving up their seats in the lifeboats for women and children because where one goes, they both go. Up-n-coming Runyon actor Matt Anderson play Benjamin "Silver Prince" Guggenheim a family silver miner who brought the first smelting plant to Pueblo at the young age of 20. East high school teachers and devoted Runyon company members, the musical direction is by Bette Lunn and musical accompanist is Jim Lunn. The cast of 50 ranges from ages 2 to 70 where most of the cast plays two to four different roles.

"Most of the cast has to play multiple roles since we have 2200 people to represent," said Briggs.
Sean Briggs